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What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry can refer to a wide variety of instruments available to dentists. These dental lasers can range from the most common $3500 diode laser to the truly amazing erbium laser that we use which is closer to $100,000 purchase price. Dental lasers have a wide range of applications that benefit the patient in many ways, and the one that we use is amazingly effective for (1) laser perio therapy, (2) laser teeth whitening, (3) laser frencetomy /gingivectomy and (4) ablation of apthous ulcers. Our laser is called the ‘Light Walker ATS’ and it is the most advanced dental laser currently available. This ATS dental laser along with our porcelain milling robots, our iTero digital impression systems, Piezotome surgical instruments, iCat 3D cone beam technology, hospital grade sterilization facilities and ultra-modern hands-free medical cabinetry, makes us one of the most advanced dental offices in Northern Virginia. Your family deserves the best technology modern day dentistry has to offer.

Laser dentistry has many applications but the system we use is called the LightWalker ATS laser and it is amazingly effective for the procedures listed below:

  • Gum Sculpting with gingivectomy
  • Frenum release with laser frenectomy
  • Laser perio therapy for the treatment of gum disease
  • Laser teeth whitening using Erbium laser energy and hydrogen peroxide together in conjunction.
  • Improved root canal cleaning and disinfection with PIPS laser technology.

No Need For Stitches

Laser instruments for soft tissue surgery will  typically eliminate the need for sutures. Laser instruments also minimize bleeding, and provide disinfection of the surgical site as a side effect of how the laser energy destroys bacteria cells on contact.

Accurate & Precise Results

Laser instruments can accurately target the area of interest in a manner that was never possible before. Now the laser energy is actually selective and will focus in on the areas which are inflamed. Thus, the laser will spare healthy surrounding tissues , which means less incidental disturbance around the area. Our expert team of laser dentists will easily remove infected tooth enamel, bone and gum tissue with precision and accuracy while sparing healthy adjacent tissues. This is an inherent benefit of laser technology and the resultant dental instruments.

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