A healthy, whiter & beautiful smile with Zoom!® ‘In-Office’ Teeth Whitening

We offer “Zoom! Teeth Whitening” for only $400 per session. This is a professional “in-office” whitening procedure that utilizes ‘LED light’ technology for stimulation of the bleaching gel.


With all the teeth whitening options available today, Zoom! teeth whitening technology delivers proven results, and can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in just one procedure! No guarantees however, because there are some people who get disappointing results. It all depends on the composition of your enamel and some people have densely calcified enamel that does not allow the hydrogen peroxide to absorb into the enamel.

How Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Works?

Zoom!  in-office teeth whitening uses LED light-activated technology to deliver maximum results. This new teeth whitening technology is great for the  patient who wants a bright smile.

The entire procedure takes around 90 minutes of your time and can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Regular teeth cleaning is recommended prior to the session. The Zoom! teeth whitening procedure unfolds as follows:

  • Short Preparation to cover the lips and gums with a protective barrier material
  • Applying Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel
  • Light is activated in 15 minute increments. You can relax & watch TV while gel remains in place.
  • This 15 minute session is repeated for as many as 3 iterations, which makes an entire treatment time of about 45 minutes. Not all patients complete all 4 iterations because we recommend stopping the procedure if and when pain begins.

If you no longer enjoy your smile, have dull looking teeth, dark stains or simply need to refresh your appearance, Please call 703-956-9444 today or schedule an appointment with our team of caring dentists.

Zoom Whitening – Before

Zoom Whitening – After

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