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Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign is the new high-tech approach to straightening your teeth. The clear plastic trays fit directly over your teeth, making them invisible to people around you.

At RTC Dental, we make these aligners by scanning your teeth with a 3D camera. This is the iTero digital scanner which is exclusively endorsed by Invisalign for this high-tech digital impression procedure. This iTero scan creates a virtual 3D model of what your teeth look like. Technicians in the Invisalign lab use computerized technology to modify that 3D model. In this process, the Invisalign lab will create your new smile. Our general dentists are highly capable of the Invisalign system. We can even handle difficult cases that require ortho elastics and other advanced techniques like that.

Difference between Invisalign Treatment and Traditional Braces

Invisalign are smooth plastic trays that are highly comfortable compared to metal bracketed ortho. The best part of Invisalign is that it can be removed periodically throughout each day. You can take them out while eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. That means you do not need to change your diet or oral hygiene habits to accommodate Invisalign. There are no sports restrictions and other issues related to metal bracketed orthodontics. Metal ortho also typically leaves white hyper-mineralization spots on the teeth which are permanent side effects of the cement used with metal ortho brackets. Furthermore, patients typically have gum inflammation and sometimes even cavities after getting their metal brackets removed following a long ortho therapy using metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign - The Clear Alternative to Braces


  • $4500 – for Invisalign Full
  • $900 – for Vivera Final Retainers
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