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Laser Teeth Whitening Facility at Reston Town Dental Center

Laser Teeth whitening has the potential to whiten your teeth 1 shade if your enamel composition is amenable to that. Unfortunately, 5% of people have enamel that is too dense, thus teeth whitening won’t work. These patients are always disappointed. However, 95% of patients get an excellent result. It just depends on the composition of your enamel, and there is no way for us to know in advance. We have a very exotic erbium laser technology that provides amazing results for this procedure. You can see photos above and below that show the laser in action.

This technique allows for reduced thermal problems as compared to other leading techniques. Other whitening technologies use UV or LED light, to stimulate the gel. UV energy heats up the tooth and irritates the pulp. LED light doesn’t really create any heat at all. Thus, neither option is truly ideal for the purposes of activating the bleaching.

Laser teeth whitening uses erbium laser energy which does not cause the pulp to heat up. This erbium laser energy is far more comfortable than traditional techniques. The erbium laser energy heats up the whitening gel while sparing the tooth pulp. Also, erbium laser energy absorption causes a micro-vibration phenomenon. This is the world’s most advanced form of teeth whitening. Please call 703-956-9444 today or schedule an appointment online to meet our doctors and discuss your personal dental needs.

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