Our dentists at RTC Dental are talented with the art of pediatric dentistry. We are general dentists with excellent bed-side manner and we can gain your child’s trust before beginning the procedure. Also, we have special tricks for getting the child numb, when numbing is required. We believe in a gentle and modest approach to pediatric dentistry.


We provide modern pediatric dentistry with a gentle touch. Our high-tech instruments are used to provide minimally invasive care for kids. By using cutting-edge technology such as piezo ultrasonics and erbium lasers, we strive to achieve the most comfortable results for your child’s procedures. Furthermore, we always stress preventative measures such as sealants for molars to avoid occlusal caries. Please see the pics below that demonstrate the process for placing dental sealants for kids.


Our unique approach to treating your child is designed around building trust and confidence through multiple small-steps consisting of positive experiences. Over-time the child will enjoy coming to us and this will allow us to promote good oral hygiene habits. The child is not rushed or overwhelmed in one appointment. This is typically enough to gain the child’s trust and cooperation, thereby avoiding the need for heavy sedation drugs.

We also offer nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to thoroughly relax the most anxious patients. Nitrous oxide is considered light-sedation and it is very safe because it is administered in a mixture of 50% pure oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. Please call 703-956-9444 today or schedule an appointment to meet our doctors and discuss your family dental needs.

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