Posted On : September 28th, 2018

I never thought I would say this but, I love my dentist! My family has had nothing but positive experiences with RTC dental. My first time there they were running a special for new patients, a teeth whitening kit. I expected them to cheap out and give me a Crest White strips or something, but they didn’t! They had me fitted for the bleaching trays that very visit (I came for a regular check up). They were ready in a week or two later and Dr. Miamee sat down with me for like 20 minutes and showed me how to use them and what to look out for. No charge, no co-pay and he wasn’t rushed like I was wasting his time. They also frequently send us coupons. The building they are in is near reston Town center but the building itself is kind of old inside, HOWEVER, the RTC office is very modern and beautiful. Each chair is comfortable and has its own moveable TV you can control. I reccommend them to everyone I know. It is rare that I would ever rave about a dentist, but RTC is worth raving about.

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